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Saturday the 25th May saw Boston Triathlon Clubs Juniors in action again as they travelled to Derbyshire to take part in the Darley Moor Junior Duathlon. This event hosted by Crazy Legs Events was open to those aged between 8 & 16 years old and all ability levels. This year it is included in the popular East Midlands Junior Triathlon race series.
The Duathlon offers a flat, safe traffic free environment to compete in as it takes place entirely within Darley Moor Race Track more normally used for motor bike racing.
As an added bonus the juniors where able to chat to and pose for photos with Olympic Triathlete and Ironman World Record holder Tim Don (The man with the Halo) ahead of their races.
Boston Triathlon had 12 junior athletes competing in the event across all 5 age categories. They continued to do their club proud as they all put in their maximum efforts while representing the club and town.

Tristart – Age 8; Run1 – 400m, Bike – 1.5km, Run2 – 200m
Louise Herriott (16th) 0:11:15

Tristar1 – Age 9&10; Run1 – 1.2km, Bike – 4km, Run2 – 400m
Matthew Bush (17th) 0:17:05
Thomas Benton (23rd) 0:17:45
Reuben Owen (47th) 0:20:03
Emily Douce (48th) 0:20:15

Tristar2 – Age 11&12; Run1 – 1.6km, Bike – 5km, Run2 – 600m
Alicia Bush (33rd) 0:20:43
Joseph Douce (42nd) 0:21:21
Jessica Herriott (55th) 0:23:22

Tristar3 – Age 13&14; Run1 – 2km, Bike – 7.5km, Run2 – 800m
Oliver Aiken (29th) 0:27:40
Frankie Owen (41st) 0:30:40
Anna Satchwell (47th) D.N.F.

Youth – Age 15&16; Run1 – 2.5km, Bike – 10km, Run2 – 1.5km
Grace Satchwell (22nd) 0:45:02

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