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Almost a year ago – Boston Triathlon Club heard a whisper – ‘A young Gent who had never really looked towards fitness before was going to tackle a Couch – 5K’ !

A massive challenge but a change to set his mind on a goal… and that goal was to complete the Xmas Park run 5k… Crowds gathered on the Park run morning and to an ovation of applause – Duncan completed his challenge!!!

But this was only the start of Duncans Journey… Dunc embraised the sport – Shed the pounds and exchanged his playstation controller for a set of brand new set of running shoes…. A MACHINE WAS BORN!

Now spotted on the streets of Boston ‘running training’ is in full flow… spotted even passing the club chairman on a recent training run and spanking his butt on the way past! The legs and body were adapting to Duncans new addiction!

On 4th Nov 2018 Duncan took part in the Rockingham 5K event… A unique closed race track event – Duncan crossed the line 10th place in his age group! FANTASTIC achievement! – Who knows whats playing in them headphones to bring out the determination and drive to achieve!


…….. All that remains is what challenge the MACHINE has next in his sight!!



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