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Boston Triathlon Juniors finished the 2018 season in style on Saturday 15th September. It was the adult club members turn to cheer and support as the club fielded an impressive 24 Junior Triathletes Ages 8 to 14 and 9 Age 7 & Under Fun Runners at the LincolnTri Childrens Triathlon.


The Lincoln based event took part at the Yarborough Leisure Centre in the city, the swim being held in the 25m indoor pool, bike on a tarmac track and the run on a mixture of grass and tarmac all within the complex grounds.


Boston Triathlon club had competitors in three of the four junior triathlon categories as well as a good field of age 7 and under fun run entrants.

The only signs of nerves on display where to be seen on the faces of parents and coaches.

The team excelled themselves and came away from the event with two seconds and a third in age category and a win for the Fun Run.

If mistakes were made, lessons were learned and all left the event determined to return next year fitter, stronger and faster.


Tristar Start – Age 8 (50m Swim, 600m Bike, 800m Run)

Willow Wheeler 9min 48sec (3rd F), Poppy Reid 10min 29sec (6th F), Lola Ward 10min 31sec (7th F), Maisie Presgrave 13min 20sec (16th F)

Matthew Bush 8min 43sec (2nd M), Reuben Owen 10min 1sec (15th M)


Tristar 1 – Age 9/10 (150m Swim, 2400m Bike, 1200m Run)

Ella Firth 19min 0sec (10th F), Jessica Herriott 19min 45sec (16th F), Lucy Taylor 22min 57sec (34th F), Megan Bourne 23min 13sec (36th F)

Lewis Smith 18min 51sec (24th M), Frank Kenning 18min 53sec (25th M), Finlay Pittam 21min 18sec (44th M)


Tristar 2 – Age 11/12 (200m Swim, 4000m Bike, 1800m Run)

Anna Satchwell 23min 36sec (2nd F), Alicia Bush 25min 53sec (18th F), Grace Kenning 28min 4sec (28th F), Frankie Owen 28min 28sec (33rd F)
Jack Pittam 26min 40sec (36th M), Oliver Aiken 27min 17sec (39th M), Joshua Robertson 28min 19sec (46th M), Dylan Hoole 34min 10sec (56th M)

Tristar 3 – Age 13/14 (300m Swim, 6400m Bike, 2400m Run)

Grace Satchwell 41min 23sec (27th F)
Matthew Lewis 34min 46sec (32nd M), Ewan Hoole 45min 8sec (48th M)


Age 7 & Under Funrun

Hugo Ward 1min 30sec (Winner), Ethan Owen, Freddie Robertson, Freya Wheeler, Henry Bourne, John Taylor, Lexi Smith, Louise Herriott & Oliver Stanton


If you are inspired to to try TRI then Boston Triathlon Club are hosting a GOTRI event at PRSA on Sunday 23rd September registration from 8:15am.


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