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When Boston Triathlon Club started a guy came into the pub….(this isn’t the start of a joke) – A guy who was interested in triathlon and taking part and achieving a feeling of completion and respect for his achievements…. HOWEVER at the time his words were ‘I don’t run – you won’t get me to run’ …. and each swimming session lasted 15- 20min short of the hour… BUT as time went on he got stronger – faster – fitter – lost some weight and started to develop a belief that he could achieve and push the boundaries of his physical/mental limits.

Ian Satchwell started taking part in local sprint triathlons (Woodhall – Louth – Skegness) and after a couple of seasons wanted to push the boundaries a little further!

Blenheim Palace in Oxford holds one of the most beautiful backdrops for a triathlon and attracts 1000’s of athletes from elite- novice each year and this particular triathlon took the eye of Satchwell!

Blenheim offer a race called the ‘WEEKEND WARRIOR’ – Title probably speaks for itself but to explain – Each individual will take part in as many ‘Sprint’ Triathlons as they can over the space of a whole weekend – So – 750m Open Water Swim, 15 Mile Bike and a 5Km Run……. Then back to the start Wetsuit back on…. and repeat!! I would also add there is an uphill 1 mile transition run from the swim exit into bike transition (I THINK SATCH MAY HAVE MENTIONED THIS A FEW TIMES)

Ian did a fantastic job completing 5 triathlons over the weekend – An achievement which he will remember for a lifetime…

Satch also in between the training raised a money for Bloodwise charity – The Blood Cancer Research Charity!!!

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