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Boston Triathlon club chairman Julian Herriott this year had to sit his family down and explain to them that he wanted to take on ‘THE OUTLAW’

Explanation – ‘THE OUTLAW’ a full distance event which takes place in Nottingham, England – Consists of 2.4 mile Swim…. 112 mile bike and finishes with a 26.4 mile marathon run!!!


This event is not for the beginner but for one who has experienced, built and trained in triathlon for a few years!

The training Julian has put in and committed to meant long runs/cycle rides for a good 6-8 months prior to the event and many hours in the pool working on effective swimming!

The morning of the event starts with a foghorn mass start at 6am – Herriott worried about the swim but with no need – completing in just over the hr mark and on schedule for his own personal time!

Onto the bike and 112miles is an epic feet alone but Herriott managed a 19+ Average having to battle high winds and torrential rain the battle was seriously on to fight the mind which is telling you – Give UP…..

Julian showed he is not one for throwing in the towel – off the bike and onto the run… finding the comfort happy place and still smiling!! 15 miles into the run and the achilles started to fire up but not one to give in the battle just threw another curve ball!

26 miles later and you approach possibly the best carpet you have ever seen in your life!!! the last run to the finish holding the hands of your children into the finish line and celebrating with a lions raw!!!  11 hrs 51min and a new Boston Tri club outlaw record!

Outstanding performance! PROUD club!!!


Julian would just like to thank all BTC support who assisted and turned up for the feed station but also to the OSB events team who not just put on a fantastic event but the support for all 140 miles was above outstanding!

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