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Jools Blogg, How IT Began


At school I was the short fat kid (only change now is I’m a bit taller), I was really active played football (badly), played in the streets as you did back then, always on the go.

The problem was I could eat for England, not sweets or chocolate just proper home cooked food, steamed puddings, home baked cakes etc. When I got to secondary school this flagged me fior the rugby team, tight head prop, all my teachers at the time played for Boston Rugby Club so I was literally forced on the rugby field without option other than shot put & Hammer. At the time I wanted to play football but grew to love rugby with a real passion, I got the chance to play league for a top team when I left school but home life meant it wasn’t really an option, I did get to play for local clubs which I enjoyed but never played again after I turned 19 due to neck & back injuries.

I didn’t do much activity after that, I dabbled at weight lifting as you do, a bit of Saturday & Sunday football but that was all, I was a European lorry Driver for years so this limited activity.

Then when I started my own business I went back to the gym to try & get fit, I did some power lifting which I enjoyed a lot, dragging heavy weights off the floor above you’re head had a simplistic satisfaction to it, I would complete the lifts with a self pleasing gratification inward nod of approval, applauding myself inwardly while trying to remain like a poker player outwardly. Then came a severe neck & back injury resulting in 2 years of doing nothing & hitting 20+ stone….Bugger!

I recovered went back to the gym not knowing what to do until an old friend Ron King goaded me into body building, 6 months later I dropped to 13st 5lb & competed in my first completion, it was a great journey, I got my fitness back but I needed something more.

Then came Mud runs & Crossfit in 2013, I loved these, not being a good runner I enjoyed the obstacle sections, carrying ‘STUFF’ while running, great fun & highly recommended but a mud run is a mud run, I need more!

TRIATHLON what else, oh yeah I can’t swim, so I went to Spalding Tri Club which was the nearest at the time to work on my swimming & that was it, 3 years I’ve been competing & absolutely love it.

I’ve done Sprints & Olympic distances, this year I take on my first Half Iron Distance in July which I can’t wait for.

Looking forward to explaining my Triathlon Journey next time
Julian Herriott


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