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Mick Huskisson


My name is Mick and nick name is Grandad at the Boston Tri Club for what reason I am not sure (53 years old ).

Just a brief history of myself.

Left  school at an innocent age of 16 and did 10 enjoyable years in the Army  and yes did a bit of running but no cycling or swimming. Fast forward 30 years to a few years to when I was working at Marshalls when one of the drivers had a Trek road bike and I was always asking the owner how did he ride the bike with a seat like that.

He always said give it a go and you will love it which I always laughed at him but how right he was. I then took the plunge I bought a Trek and the first time I rode it for 10 miles home and by the time I got home I could have thrown I the nearest river due to the pain I was in in a sensitive area??????

I stuck at it and kept going out and he was right I love my bike and now own 4 bikes not sure why I have 4  but just in case one breaks I can still go out.

I have done a lot of 100 miles rides but my biggest ride was for Charity 3 years ago when I joined 16 other riders to do 300 miles in 24 hours and out of that 16 only 8 of us finished which I was one of them, never again I said to the others would I do that as it was mental and physically demanding in every way.  People say that some things take you to your inner depths and boy that did. So then Boston Tri club started up and was asked if I wanted to have a go ……….. I could only swim 25 meters if I was lucky and run well that had been 30 years ago since I did that. So I started going swimming on a Friday night with the club and felt so out of my comfort zone it was unreal but as everything else you have to give it a go and now well I may not be the faster one in the pool but I can swim loads better than I used too and sometimes enjoy going. The running well shall we say its work in progress…….

Without the encouragement  of everybody and I mean everybody at the club I would not do  the swimming and running, other people have said the same but it’s true the club is fantastic. It’s great for getting off the sofa and doing something with your life. I will do my first sprint tri this year and am proud to tell people I am a member of Boston Tri Club. At my age people say you should be sat in an arm chair with your feet up but all I can say is you are only here once so enjoy yourself to the full.

Even at my age you are  never too old to start and try the best you can even if you are not as fast as others it gives you a goal to think next time that could be me in front. If you are getting on a bit like me you just have to take things steady and not think you can beat them youngsters at some of the events but sometimes age is on your side as you are wiser…….. just remember its taking part that counts. See you all at the next training session.




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