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Episode 1 – The Story so far…


Once upon a time in county far far away where they say “Ey up” instead of “Now then” and call you “Lad” instead of “Maayet”,  I hopped on a train, went to a careers office and signed my life away for 22 years in the RAF.


It would be fair to say I wasn’t the fittest but that soon changed after a tour in the Gulf.

On my return I found the gym and renewed my love for egg chasing (Rugby), living in Coningsby I started playing at Sleaford and progressed through the teams to the starting XV.

At this point I was training heavily and playing 2 games a week, whilst representing the RAF I was asked if I was available to play for Nottingham that weekend, I said yes and never looked back. This was the pinnacle for me and a very enjoyable 2 years.


Towards the end I would track train with a friend and alternately we would weight train together. This proved to be a very successful arrangement and as one door closed another opened, he was training for Bobsleigh and on one Saturday I drove down to the training ground in London, tried out and the next thing I was competing in the British Championships, the Inter Services and on the Olympic Programme. Two crashes and injury saw an end to that short spell.

Rugby continued and over the years I have played at Lincoln, Spalding then finishing my playing career at Boston.

A dicky heart rhythm forced my retirement and took me out of training for the best part of 2 years, on my return to full health I took up cycling and never looked back.


It would be fair to say I was  never the most talented but I was always driven to be the best I could be and after a lifetime of competitive sport, I have an understanding of the commitment and training required to be successful.


My wife Liz had always trained and one day announced that she was joining Boston Trifle Club, I jumped at the chance and it wasn’t until I was half drowning in  one of the Friday pool sessions I realised she had said Triathlon Club.


It would be fair to say that I was not looking for Trifle, Triathlon found me and whilst I may have no ambition to complete an ironman today, I will start with a sprint and that may change.


We have an amazing group of people, all individuals with their own skills and experience in what is primarily a solo sport and my experience of teams over the years tells me it’s unique and special.


It’s more than special it’s like family where we disagree but find a a compromise and all opinions are valued.




Philip “Frank” Cannon



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