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Journey to my first TRI by Kirsty Siggee.


I guess my fitness journey began in my 20’s (so like clearly a couple of years ago 😉 ).

I discovered I enjoyed the gym and weights and loved it!  Then along came A CHILD! Who of course I love very much.  Anyone who is parent knows how difficult training becomes when you have a family and work to juggle so I found running an easy way to burn off the baby bulge, stress, tiredness and all life’s difficult moments.  It gave me head space.


About 3 years ago I decided to have a little trip down the stairs resulting in tearing ankle ligaments so running was out for best part of a year.  This is when I turned to cycling…out on my lil hybrid I starting clocking up some miles and soon became hooked.  Gradually as my daughter grew older and went to school I had more time and discovered I loved being out doors instead of the gym all the time.  I remember being passed by groups of cyclists on road bikes and thought that’s what I want!


Fast forward a few months and I had my first road bike and was going out more and more on my own and with a group.  I gradually was able to start running again and realised that 5k and 10k really was what I enjoyed most.  I had a go at my first duathlon and loved it.


When the Tri club was born I knew swimming would be my weakness, but like everything in life it’s always worth a shot because unless you try something new how will you know your not missing out on something cool?


My first swim session I couldn’t put my face in the water, I panicked and couldn’t get my breath.  But with time and exercises given I gained confidence and can proudly say I can now front crawl face in the water and I am actually finding a kind of love for this fish lark.

Even managed an open water splash last year with the club and loved it.


So where is this all taking me too?  Well it’s taking me to Southwell.  This will be my first ever sprint Triathlon and I am genuinely really excited for it.  Time for training is still an issue but my 8 year daughter has offered to help me train in the Easter holidays.  She says she’s going to stand poolside and make sure my leg position is correct lol!


It’s all too easy to shy away from things we would like to do because we are a bit afraid.  I’m too slow, I’m not fit enough, I can’t swim, I don’t want to look silly, I don’t have time to train.   These are all thoughts I’ve had before I started but do you know what?  I’ve realised that’s all rubbish.  Being part of a club with such good support makes you realise ‘I can, I will and I do want to!’  And guess what, so can anyone  just remember why we do it and enjoy it because that’s what it’s all about.


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